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Giovanna Painting is a “Full Service” paint company.  We specialize in insurance restoration painting, (fire, wind, water damages). We have been gladly been serving Southern Indiana, and Kentucky for over 8 years.


Change the color of a room, and you can alter its atmosphere dramatically. A fresh coat of paint in a new hue can transform your space from dull to cheery, from drab to welcoming or from bright to relaxing—whatever mood you desire. Let Giovanna Painting paint one or all of the rooms in your home or office, our results will amaze you!


When you contract with us to paint the exterior of your home or office, we do it quickly and efficiently. We choose paint for its quality and longevity, and we take the time to carefully prepare all surfaces properly, ensuring optimal results—both in appearance and endurance.


When we’re working on the interior or exterior of your home, we take care to work around your schedule and consider your needs. We can remove or apply any type of painting or finish you need in or on your space, including:

  • Exterior
  • Specialty coatings
  • Attic Coatings
  • Furniture Re-Finishing
  • Paint removal
  • Deck sealing and restoration

Insurance Restoration

We offer expert restoration services. With years of working on Fire, Water, Wind damaged homes we perform services including extensive stripping, preparation, chemical sponge cleaning and painting. We can help bring the life back into an old building, a poorly covered wall, and bring back the “WOW” factor to your home or office.


With experience working on a range of small-scale commercial spaces, including retail centers, office buildings, and warehouses, we are fully qualified with:

  • Exterior washes
  • Commercial-grade paints and coatings
  • Commercial wall coverings
  • Roof painting & coatings